All of our wellness programs and classes are brought to you by Spectrum Wellness Co., a subsidiary of Encouraging Words by Denise. Transforming YOU program is our premiere wellness program for bringing life-changing transformation to it’s members.

What is Transforming YOU?

Transforming YOU is a 16-week interactive wellness program that serves women 40+ who desire to lose weight, shift their mindset, and gain emotional healing.

Whether you’re a healthy lifestyle beginner or already on your journey and want to grow to the next level, Transforming YOU will challenge you to go beyond what you thought was possible. It’s designed to change your life for the best and position you for your legacy.

My promise to you as your holistic consultant in physical wellness is that I’m committed to seeing you through every step of the journey.

What’s the Transforming YOU process?

Transforming YOU involves weekly 1-on-1 meetings with me where we’ll discuss and strategically map out a clear Transformation Path for your weight-loss and personal growth success. This is a very hands-on process that requires you to do the work in changing your life for the best.

Personal interactive components include weekly video chats and unlimited email/text access. Yes, you read right! You’ll have complete access to me. I’ll answer any questions and offer practical advice to ensure that you consistently stay the course and experience life-changing results from your investment.

Is Transforming YOU right for me?

Great question, Sis! This program is specifically designed for women 40+ who are ready to:

Learn strategies to lose unwanted pounds

Take better care of their temple

Invest in themselves

Do the work

But if you really want to be sure, take a moment to complete this questionnaire or book your FREE 30-Minute Consultation to learn how we can help you.

Who consults for Transforming YOU?

Denise J. Meggett is a certified personal trainer, certified in nutrition, an author, a speaker and a blogger. She is most passionate about encouraging physical wellness, personal growth and restoration of wholeness which is why she created the Transforming YOU Program.

Denise openly shares in her Transformation Story about her 20 year battle with obesity, which her mother passed away from at the early age of 55 years old. Her testimony is the source of her compassion to serve others who too want to lose weight, shift their mindset, and gain emotional healing.

Having amazing support team experts behind her motivates her to keep moving in the direction of successful transformation.

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