The Process of Faith

Your faith has to be tested. In essence, you only have opportunities to apply faith through your actions. 

So, when you sit on what you believe is in your heart to do such as starting a business or relocating, there’s no testing being done because God has nothing to work with. In order for your faith to be active, it has to have some corresponding action with it (James 2:14-26). You have to do something.

The areas in your life where it’s convenient or comfortable isn’t where your faith is applied or tested. It’s those areas where you’re trembling and shaking; not sure of how it’s going to work that God has an opportunity to show up because it’s there faith is actually working! 

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Now, God has something to work with mixing your faith with His promises produces manifestation!

Steps to building your faith:

  1. Read the Bible. Knowing God and His promises will build your faith and confidence in Him.
  2. Trust that God loves you. Believing that God’s love for you can never fail will help establish a relationship with Him which is necessary for building your faith.
  3. Start with a small goal. As with anything, you have to apply what you learn. Pick one thing that you’re believing God to do in your life, find a Scripture reference concerning that thing, confess that Scripture daily and apply the corresponding action to that which you believe – remember faith is active!

The Take-Away: Building your faith is a process and the strength of your relationship with God is paramount to what you will receive by faith. Focus on living a lifestyle of faith instead of a lifestyle of fear. God’s promises are for you, but you must do what He’s calling you to do. As you build a strong relationship with God by reading your Bible and praying – He will give you wisdom in order to use your faith to believe Him for more!

Helping You Live a More Purposeful Life

Action Steps:
• Start a daily Bible reading plan by either downloading a Bible app or finding one online.
• Dedicate a notebook or journal completely to prayer so you can be more intentional about who and what you’re praying for.

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