Heatherlyn Grant
Heatherlyn GrantGrant Girls Gear, CEO & Founder

Denise mentors with excellence. In January 2019, I shared with Denise my dream of opening my own inspirational t-shirt business. I believe Denise was more excited than I was. She reached into her well of knowledge and began giving me the steps to launch a successful business. Denise held me accountable for reaching goals that I set for myself. She didn’t spoon feed me or hold my hand. She guided me with love, and sometimes tough love. Denise saw great potential in me. She stretched me and continues to do so. Denise wants the very best for everyone she works with. She doesn’t believe in wasting time and playing games. Denise never let me have a pity-party for myself when I was having a bad day. She always turned those days into learning experiences.

When I think about Denise, the African proverb comes to mind which states, “Each one, reach one. Each one, teach one. What you do not know, then you must learn. When you have learned, then you must teach.” Denise does not hold back information and knowledge that she has.

Denise has been very instrumental in the success of my business. I appreciate her in so many ways.

Falesha Johnson
Falesha JohnsonCustom Creations by Falesha, CEO & Founder

I met Ms. Denise at an event a friend was hosting, and she spoke about her journey and her mentoring program. I was so inspired by Ms. Denise and the other speakers that I decided to sign up for her mentoring program. Ms. Denise has helped me stay on task with my goals regarding my business. We have monthly check in meetings where we discuss any and everything. She is always available when I need her…which is great.

The service she offers is invaluable. She has kept me focused and has pushed me to complete goals that I have set for myself…including finishing my children’s book.

Her random inspirational text messages are always right on time and they NEVER disappoint. I am so appreciative of her and that she has taught and brought to my life. As my business continues to grow Ms. Denise has taught me to say “I am productive” vs. “I am busy”.

Ms. Denise is the TRUTH. I love her and all that she has sown into my life. If you are looking for a mentor and someone who will give you guidance and the straight up truth, I’m telling you to please contact her. She is the best.

Carolyn DeJohn
Carolyn DeJohnWOVEN Womens Ministry, Founder

Denise, thank you for your daily encouragement through IG, text messages and phone calls. You always have a “right on time" message for me.

You are such a blessing to me! I truly think you were sent by God! I believe I am here to encourage and connect women!
Every encourager needs someone to encourage them. The support you’ve given me is priceless! Recovering from a disastrous hurricane the losses of our (long awaited) twin grand babies (one month at a time) my mother, who was a hugely loving part of my everyday life and many more “life happens” events.

Needless to say I’ve been in a fog for the last three years, BUT GOD! His Grace is sufficient and he is faithful, my anchor and my strength. And now, stepping out on faith to put on a women’s conference, you have been cheering me on, building me up, giving good godly counsel as well as agreed to be one of the speakers at the conference.

Sis you are GOD SENT! I believe every person who uses your services will experience good and godly wise counsel and the beautiful heart of a true encourager.

Demetria Reed
Demetria ReedRealtor

At a time where I was filled with self-doubt and fear, I needed someone who could see the potential and talent in me that I couldn’t see beyond myself. Denise was that person.

When I had ideas that scared me, she nurtured and guided me through affirmations and intentional steps to get me moving and eventually believing in my abilities. When I needed guidance she was a call or text away.

I sometimes look back on some of the conversations we had and the patience she exuded with me on my journey is truly admirable! She never gave up on me and encouraged me through my self-doubts.

I can say without a doubt, she has been an integral part of my journey and I know without a doubt I wouldn’t have made it this far without her.

La-Fonda Godfrey
La-Fonda GodfreyKinky Krescendo, CEO & Founder

Mrs. Denise is HEAVEN 👏🏾 SENT 👏🏾 I was in a very dark place in my life and she pulled me into the light. It seemed like she knew exactly when I needed her because her text messages were ALWAYS on time. If you're looking for a mentor that's compassionate, loving, caring, GOD-FEARING, down to earth... well I can go on and on... SHE IS IT!

J. Spence-Straughn
J. Spence-StraughnFrom Drop Out to Masters, Founder & Entrepreneur

Denise has been a blessing to me during a time when I had a thousand things running in my head, she has helped put them into perspective and guides me to one thing at a time with specific intention. I am happy I took the chance to work with her as my coach.

Kristen Wright-Matthews
Kristen Wright-MatthewsMacaroni Kid-College Park, Publisher & Entrepreneur

I called upon my sisterfriend and accountability partner Denise and she swooped in on her cape like Wonder Woman and whisked me away. She complimented me, encouraged me, gave me a hearty laugh, an ear to bend and open arms. In just 5 minutes, she flew away and left me standing on my feet with the hope and courage of the gladiator woman that I am.