Relationship Advice: How to Bring Love & Respect to the Table

It is often debated that your upbringing doesn’t impact your relationships. WRONG! How you were raised matters.

People who understand how to receive love are familiar with hearing and seeing it as a child and tend to be givers of love. However, when a child doesn’t hear or see it around them, they tend to be guarded or less receptive of love. 

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In relationships of all types, we have to do the following:

  1. Respect the differences. 
  2. Talk about what makes us uncomfortable. 
  3. Stop assuming the worse about others. 
  4. Build each other up. 
  5. Be open to change. 
  6. Listen to each other. 

Relationships cannot sustain themselves without active participation from all parties involved. If you want any kind of relationship with anyone, you have to be willing to come to the table. The table is symbolic of a place of truth, a place of safety. 

When we learn to truly love, respect, and accept each other, relationships will become fulfilling for all parties involved and be fruitful. God sanctioned relationships from the beginning, and He knew two was better than one. 

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