Finding Your Confidence Online Course


The Finding Your Confidence online course gives you the tools you need to build confidence that is both genuine and strong.


Finding Your Confidence Online Course

Whether you’re a CEO or a military wife, you’re purposed for great things. However, without the proper view and understanding of confidence, you are limited in what you can achieve be it in business or in your home.

Confidence ignites the power that God has given you to execute the plan He has for your life in every area! The Finding Your Confidence course assists you in creating the foundation you desire to be MORE confident as you fulfill those things you’re called to do!

During this Masterclass you are going to learn:
✔What confidence is
✔ What confidence is not
✔ Where you find confidence
✔ Why confidence is important
✔ Ways you lose confidence
✔ How to regain confidence

PLUS you’ll receive:
* The “Finding Your Confidence” Study Guide & Journal E-book
* 21 “Finding Your Confidence” Affirmations
* BONUS: FREE 30-minute Q&A Consultation


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