How These 3 Symptoms of Pride Are Robbing You of Love

Love is a beautiful gift from God. Its existence rests in Him, and He freely shares it with humanity.

Whether it’s a family member, a friend, or a romantic partner or spouse, you’re holding space for them when you love someone. Holding space for someone you love can be described as setting an important part in your life, a special place in your heart where they can be loved and feel safe.

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It’s in this safe place where they experience the gift of your love as love is active – it’s alive! Love is purposeful and very intentional. Many people walk into love with the false notion that it is something that happens randomly. Real love is thoughtful, and once again, it’s intentional!

When people offer you their love, always remember that it’s a gift, not just an emotion. It’s a gift that should always be received with thankfulness and appreciation.

Don’t miss out on love because of these 3 symptoms of pride:

  1. Feeling Entitled

    You assume that people who love you have to love you because of who you are to them. Even as a child, a sibling, a mother, a father, or a spouse, no one is obligated to love you. They choose to love you.

  2. Lack of Respect

    You treat people who love you as if they are replaceable. When you act as if people who are holding space for you have to and can’t refuse you that spot in their lives, it shows disrespect for the gift of their love.

  3. An Inability to Reciprocate

    You don’t hold space for the people who love you. They don’t play an important part in your life or have a special space in your heart where they can be loved and feel safe. The space may not be the same size, yet there should be an effort to give what is received in any relationship. Therefore, while people love differently, you should be willing to make people feel what you feel–loved.

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