Discover 3 Practical Ways to Use Your Gift

The God-given gift implanted within you is not for you to waste. It was given to you for usage while here on earth to be a blessing to others. Sadly, many people don’t tap into or are afraid to exercise their gifts. The graveyard is one of the richest places on earth as there are so many people buried there along with their gifts because they were too afraid to do something with them.

Right now is the perfect time to step out in faith when it comes to using your gift. As a world, we are experiencing a pandemic that forces us into our homes; away from the distractions of our jobs, entertainment, etc. People are hungry for something because they are uncomfortable – literally living in fear! What you have to offer can save someone’s life, their family, or save them time.

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We look to Oprah Winfrey, Lebron James and so many other celebrities for answers during times like this, but what about you? What can you do right where you are? Whose life can you change by offering them what you have? I believe this is a right now time to discover a way to use your gift.

Here are 3 practical ways to use your gifts:

1. Create a business – put that business plan into action. There are some of you who can cook well, others who can sing and even more who can draw or write. So, what can you do right now since we are confined indoors? Start an online business offering your expertise. Offer online cooking lessons or vocal lessons. There are many people looking to learn a new hobby – teach online drawing or writing classes. The point is to use your gift and charge what you are worth. Voila – now you have a business. (Disclaimer: please establish your business legally by getting it licensed and registered. Get help if you are unsure.)

2. Be charitable – spend your time helping others. Right now, there are organizations that are set up to help families in need. Many people have a gift of generosity, but they don’t believe it is as important because it doesn’t bring in any money or because it will cost them their time. However, it is a blessing to be able to help or give to others. Therefore, if you believe your gift is better suited in giving towards others, use it to benefit charitable organizations, non-profits or opportunities to sponsor a family. You can make a difference to someone who has lost everything or who needs help. Don’t downplay the importance of being a giver.

3. Focus on the Family – who depends on you? This is vital, especially now. There are some people who are called to use their gift amongst their own families or communities to be a voice or champion for those who are under their watch or care. As we have more parents living longer and wanting to stay with their adult children, this has changed the dynamics of the family. Being a caretaker/caregiver to either children or adults is a unique gift – one that is overlooked. If you know that you get extreme pleasure from taking care of your family or home, focus on how you can do even more right where you are. It is a blessing to be able to focus on your family!

The Take-Away: You were created with a specific purpose or calling. Within that purpose or calling includes a gift – something that you are exceptionally brilliant at doing. Your gift is the way in which you can reach others. It can also bring you wealth through a business, but it can also bring you great joy by being a giver or a caregiver. Either way, your gift was designed for you to help others and to show that we are all connected in some small way as we are all God’s children.

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Action Steps:
• What is your gift?
• How do you plan on using it?

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