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6 Effective Communication Steps You Can Use Now

What is Effective Communication?

Effective communication is the ability to express your thoughts/feelings precisely to others in a written or verbal form that honors your truth.

I am BIG on effective communication. I love that I am clear about what’s expected and needed of me in my professional and personal relationships.

Unfortunately, most people haven’t had the necessary freedom as children to use the gift of their communication skills.

As a result, we end up with adults who struggle with effectively communicating their thoughts/feelings. They often shy away from opportunities to share.

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I challenge you to start taking the following 6 effective communication steps to improve your personal and professional relationships.

1. Take ownership of your voice

First, understand that you deserve to have your voice heard. Your thoughts and opinions matter.

2. Stop apologizing for your emotions

Your thoughts/feelings are valid, and you don’t have to apologize for them.

3. Find safe relationships

Choose relationships where you feel safe and free to express yourself without fear of anyone using your words against you.

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4. Trust in God

He loves you enough to protect you when you let down your walls. You’re never alone.

5. Start a journal

Usually, writing about how you feel can bring you the clarity needed to make the process easier. Dedicating time to journaling is a great way to sort through your thoughts and emotions.

6. Ask for what you want

Most importantly, do not assume that people are mind readers. You waste valuable time on bad relationships this way.

To sum things up, your voice has value. Take these 6 steps and begin to apply them to your life. They will make a huge improvement in your effective communication skills and personal growth.

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