5 Intentional Ways to Practice Self-Love

Love is an action word” is a common phrase used to drive home the point that love is not merely something you say, but something you do. The act of love is revolutionary in and of itself because it requires a deep-rooted faith. Most people view the act of love as a whimsical thing; something that can be done with basic emotions and carefree hope. 

However, unconditional love (love that must withstand feelings, situations, and people) must come from a place of dogma. There has to be something within you to stand firm in your faith that no matter what, love will be the foundation of all things in your life.

Love, while a beautiful thing, can also be very chaotic if not fully measured properly by weighing it spiritually.

Now, most people will immediately assume that I am talking about a love that is given to others and in some measure, this can be attributed to that. However, I am talking about unconditional love for one’s self – self-love

People often equate love in a linear aspect flowing from one person to another, but it must be viewed in a linear aspect flowing from God to (wo) man in order to comprehend true unconditional self-love.

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Love, while a beautiful thing, can also be very chaotic if not fully measured properly by weighing it spiritually. You must learn to separate the love you have for someone else from the love you have for yourself. The two can intertwine if there isn’t a healthy measure of self-love in place. 

Honor the love you have for others; make that love beautiful – yet there are ways to honor the love you have for yourself in order to be able to love others even better – unconditionally.

Here are 5 intentional ways to practice self-love:

1. Give yourself positive self-talk – monitor the thoughts you think about yourself. Don’t judge yourself based on external factors, but only by the Word of God.

❖ Say positive affirmations daily. (I am created in His image. I am His beloved. I am forgiven. He has a plan for me. I can do all things.)

2. Stop bringing up your past mistakes – live in the present. Don’t keep telling people about your mistakes or regrets. Let that go!

❖ Listen to what you say more intently and make corrections. Only speak what you are doing now – no more “When I was” or “I wish I did” – be intentional with your words.

3. Take care of you – spend time showering yourself with attention. Don’t wait for others to show you a good time. Live your life and do what makes you happy!

❖ Pamper yourself with opportunities of self-love by planning activities that you enjoy such as reading, watching a movie, getting a massage going out to your favorite restaurant, going roller-skating, etc.

4. Establish and achieve goals – a part of self-love is living the life you want. Don’t settle in any area of your life. Take risks and try new things.

❖ Write down your personal or business goals. Be specific. Create action steps to accomplishing these goals. Set a realistic timeline. Find an accountability partner or a mentor. Celebrate your successes!

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5. Forgive yourself – allow yourself to be free from your past. Realize that you didn’t know all that you know now and that is ok. Be just as gentle with yourself as you are with others you love.

❖ Release all guilt and shame by verbally forgiving yourself or writing it down and discarding it. This can be as simple as saying, “I forgive myself for (insert action) and I release all guilt and shame connected to it because I am no longer that person and I choose to move on with my life.” 

If you decide to write it down, then the process is the same. However, you can discard the paper by throwing it away or burning it as a symbolic measure.

The Take-Away: You are deserving of love! God, Himself is love and you are one of His greatest creations; made in His image. However, you shouldn’t depend on others to love you when you are not being diligent by first loving yourself completely. Self-love is one way you can express your thankfulness to God for creating you – a YOU destined to do great things!

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Action Steps:
• Tell me some ways you show yourself unconditional love.
• Which tip would you like to implement into your current self-care regiment?


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