5 Habits to Develop While Awaiting Your Blooming Season

In these challenging times that we’re facing with so much uncertainty, unfamiliar futures, and a rise in the unknown, be extremely gentle with YOU!

You are planted where you are to grow, and growth can be uncomfortable and unsettling, but do it anyway! Learn the lessons that are meant to help you flourish. Decide to stay in the fight. Don’t abandon your hope!
Your time of blooming is coming, and in that season – all kinds of treasures will spill out of you.

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However, until then, stay firmly planted in your faith, in hope, in believing, in knowing, in becoming because you will evolve beautifully one day. As you are planted, practice these 5 habits to assist you as you await your season of blooming.

  1. Acknowledge your feelings. It’s ok to accept how you are feeling. Don’t hide them or bury them. Find someone to talk to, journal, or spend time praying or meditating.
  2. Write a “Because I’m in full bloom” poem or list. Write about how you see yourself – the real you before you believed what life told you about yourself.
  3. Start a routine. Practice doing at least one small thing for yourself daily. It can be listening to your favorite song, polishing your nails, reading a book – just invest in you for that moment.
  4. Forgive yourself. Let go of regret from your past, release yourself from not knowing what you know now, accept that you are still growing, and live at peace with that truth.
  5. Daydream on purpose. Think about what you want in your life. Look at pictures, Google ideas, research that new city you want to move to, etc. The life you wish to have exists in your mind. Live in it!

The Take-Away: You will be ok! You’re going to make it through this season. Please don’t give up on who you’re becoming! While you don’t see the full picture right now, you’re evolving and emerging into who you were created to be. All of the lessons you’ve learned are building your future, shaping your world. Stay planted, be nourished, and grow!

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Action Steps:
• Make a list of some ways in which you’ve grown already. Reflect on and remember just how far you’ve come to encourage you to keep going.
• Start a journal to help you track your personal growth journey.