3 Relationship Improvement Tips to Start Practicing Now

“Go where your energy is reciprocated, celebrated, and appreciated.” This is easier said than done as we all have different ways of expressing ourselves and receiving support.

In a perfect world, there would be people who would celebrate and appreciate you – giving you the same things you give to them. 

However, nothing or no one is perfect and you’re left to consider the fact that people are different based on their upbringing, experiences, wounds, coping skills or lack thereof.

Because of this, we all bring our own energy to the table or relationships and we have to learn how we can coexist together in a way that brings respect and love into the equation.

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So often, we’re left with only two options – tolerate some people or cut people off from our lives. There’s no in-between; no option to bring communication into the forefront – we’re trained to accept or run.

Energy is important and we should not have to be in a space that doesn’t support our own energy, yet I’m learning to consider the fact that some people’s energy is meant to grow some of us up, challenge our narrow viewpoints or offer to heal our madness.

And for those reasons, go towards that which is meant to make you better – towards what can make us all better as we learn to use our energy for good.

3 ways to improve your relationships:

1. Consider that everyone has a background that is different from yours because of upbringing, experiences, wounds, coping skills or lack of coping skills.

2. Learn how to communicate feelings instead of using the fight (tolerate) or flight option.

3. Understand that we all have something to offer in our relationships that can bring about good to those in our lives such as growth, a different viewpoint or healing.

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Action Steps:
• What relationships could use some improvement?
• Which tips could you implement today?

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